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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Primer on Horse Halters - What you Need to Know

Horse halters are sometimes confused with bridles.

The difference between a horse halter and a bridle is an equine halter is used by a handler on the ground to lead or secure a horse, but a bridle is used by the person who is riding a horse that has been trained in this use.

A halter is safer than a bridle for tying. The bit of a bridle may injure the horse's mouth if the horse sets back while tied with a bridle. Many bridles are made of lighter materials and will break when used to tie a horse. A bridle offers more precise control when riding.

The halter is probably the piece of equine equipment that you use most often. Just about everything you do with your horse will involve a halter. In fact, halters are so important that wearing one is the first thing a horse learns to do.

When you take your horse out of his stall or pasture, groom your horse, bathe him, clip him, or tie him, you use a halter.

Halters are available in more expensive leather halter designs and inexpensive, yet colorful nylon halter versions. When you buy a halter for your horse, get one big enough to fit your horse's head. The halter should be loose, but not able to fall way down on the horse's nose. Pictured above is the Hamilton Nylon Halter that is very popular among horse owners.

If you need to leave a halter on a horse that's loose in the stall or pasture, choose a breakaway halter that snaps under pressure to avoid snagging the halter on something and trapping the horse.

We think that all horse owners should have more than one halter on hand at all times. You never know when you may need a second one in an emergency.

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