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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Selecting a Rabbit Cage or Hutch for your Pet Rabbit

It's an important decision for Pet Rabbit owners and it's a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly!

Many of the problems with rabbit hygiene-related diseases, rabbit arthritis, boredom, and depression in rabbits can be linked to unsuitable housing.

If you have made a decision to purchase and keep a house rabbit, you must provide your rabbit(s) with appropriate housing. Although we do not claim to be vet's, the following recommendations will suffice in providing a living space that keeps your pet rabit happy and healthy.

The Bigger Rabbit Hutch or Rabbit Cage, the Better

If selecting a rabbit cage to make your rabbit's home, we suggest choosing the biggest cage that you can provide for him or her. The rabbit cage needs to be large enough for your rabbit to lie down completely stretched out at a minimum. It should also be high enough so your rabbit does not hit his head on the top of the home. Remember that your rabbit will be growing, if you have acquired him or her at infancy. Why waste money now on a small hutch or cage that will not work in a couple of years?

At a minimum, the rabbit home should be at least three times as large as the rabbit, and it should be even larger if he is not let out of his cage for exercise on a regular basis.

Think of the cage or hutch as a home - it should be large enough to do the following activities: sleeping, exercising, waste (poops and peeps in a litter box), and food/water areas for dinner.

Remember, do not select a cage based upon the size of a baby rabbit. Research the size that he or she will eventually mature to, and choose a home based on that. If you have a restricted amount of floor space in your own house, consider a two-level rabbit cage or hutch, with a ramp connecting the two levels.

Rabbits need cages with good ventilation and a way for the rabbit to view the world. Do NOT use an aquarium or cage with all solid sides. A wire rabbit cage can be an excellent choice, but make sure it has no sharp edges and no plastic coating for your pet rabbit to chew. Chewing the coating can make your rabbit sick.

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