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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nutri-Vet for Dog Health

Nutri-vet is a "little heard of" pet product manufacturer that has a slew of nutritional and healthy products for pets that are notable.

Dog Products including: Bone and Joint products, Skin and Coat products for dogs, Vitamin and Mineral solutions, Condition Specific products Behavioral Modification and Dental Health care products.

Nuti-vet also has Shampoo for pets, Topical Care for pets Eye and Ear Care products, Environmental and Lawn Protection solutions, Organic Biscuits, Human-Grade Biscuits and more.

Cat Products include: Bone and Joint care products, feline Skin and Coat products, Vitamin and Minerals for cats, Condition Specific products and Behavioral Modification products for kittens and cats.

Of special interest is Nutri-vet's oral health products which helps with your pets bad breath. The most common cause of bad breath in dogs and cats is tartar buildup surrounding the teeth. As in people, small particles of food remain in the mouth after eating. Food particles decompose creating conditions where oral bacteria thrive and form dental plaque - a combination of bacteria, mineral and decomposed food.

As plaque ages and gingivitis develops into periodontitis, bacteria changes from somewhat irritating strains to bone destroying types that produce hydrogen sulfide and methylmercaptan, two principal odor causing molecules.
Pictured above are the Breath and Tartar Biscuits for dogs. These should be a big hit for your dog and you! Don't forget that Pet Dental Health Month is coming soon!

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