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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Double Dip / Free Ship at GregRobert Pet Supplies

November 8, 2009

GregRobert Pet Supplies has rolled out their best Free Shipping deal of the year and the combination of low prices, free shipping and quantity discounts should be a triple-dip - not just a double dip.

Visitors to the popular online pet store can use coupon: freeship during the checkout process to ship holiday products and everyday pet supplies directly to their home for free. Most other pet stores are offering free shipping above $100 - but GregRobert is offering free shipping on all orders > $60. There are no exceptions, but there are weight restrictions that apply.

The nice part is that even if you run into a weight restriction, they will STILL give you a substantial discount on your shipping.

We've made it easy for you and have pre-scoured through the tens of thousands of pet products that GregRobert carries and placed them on theme pages on our website for your convenience. Click a link above for more product details.

Before hopping in the car to wander endlessly through strip malls and department stores - be sure to visit or or to choose from over 20,000 products that can be shipped to you for free and at a significant discount off of retail pricing.

Interested in a part-time income selling pet supplies? Take a peek at the support that GregRobert offers affiliates: Please feel free to learn more about the affiliate program to make an extra dime this Christmas and throughout the next year: Pet Store Affiliate Program

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