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Monday, August 24, 2009

Compare Pet Supply Prices with Sortprice

Curious about how your favorite pet store stacks up with it's competition?

Try Sortprice. has become one of the most popular shopping comparison search engines on the internet and an emerging leader in the Pet Supply and Home and Garden verticals.

Sortprice is designed for everyone from the experienced online shopper to the apprehensive first-timer shopper that has heard pet supplies can be bought for less online. Sortprice has a slew of innovative features and advanced search technology. In addition, advertisers on Sortprice do not "PayPerClick". My personal opinion is that a more honest comparison can be done when the engine is not getting paid for that almighty click. (It's not an affiliate site either. According to inside sources, it is a flat rate pay. ) The great search technology coupled with one of the largest selections of products and retailers online, make it easy to browse items and compare prices on everything from wild bird feeders to dog doors.

A cool "Shop, Drag and Drop" feature is something to checkout. If you are a facebook user, the wishlist application is something to try also (more on that next week).

Search for products by brand, store, price and color. Sortprice seems to be emerging as a great price comparison engine for pet supplies (and other product lines also).

According to Sortprice's website: "Our mission is simple. We help consumers save money by offering them the safest and easiest online shopping experience available, while providing merchants with a fair and cost-effective way to expand their online sales presence."

Take a peek and see if you can get your pup or kitty or birdie .. more for your money this time around!

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