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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Toughest Dog Toys Around

All dog toys are not created equal.

That is why Tuffy created the Tuff Scale. The Tuff Scale is designed to give you insight on how tuff the dog toy you are buying compares against another. Some dogs are aggressive and can only have the tuffest toys ranked 8 and above. Other dogs may not be as aggressive or may be older and their chewing habits have slowed.

If this sounds like your dog, you can consider toys ranked 5 and above.

Here is the TUFF SCALE

  1. The cheap plush toy.
  2. Usual cheap squaking rubber toy.
  3. Fragile minature Tecup Chihuahua strong.
  4. Fake knock-off sewn nylon toys that claim to be rugged.
  5. Small dog tuff
  6. Created for interactive play.
  7. A really tough toy, but still vulnerable
  8. Long lasting and really tuff
  9. Extremely Tuff - Extremely Durable
  10. Mega Tuff - without a doubt the Toughest.

Barnyard Construction (Polly Pig Pictured on top) is: Each toy is made with 4 layers. 2 layers are made of industrial grade luggage material, 1 layer of plastic coating, and the other layer is made of soft fleece on the outside.

All of these layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material.

Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of cross stitching and then 2 layers of linear stitching. After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams! These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.

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At July 13, 2009 at 9:54 AM , Blogger jorge said...

For those who love and care about dogs
Hope it helps!

At January 13, 2011 at 5:16 PM , Blogger julesd said...

This is a great toy but my dog tore it up in about 1 week. I have a German Shorthair 6 month old puppy.


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