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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is Cat Claw Clipping Necessary?

Yes, Cat claws that are not blipped on a regular basis may inadvertently har you, your cat, your children or your home furnishings. May cats will panick when a claw is caught on a scratching post or carpet.

Learning how to safely and expertly trim our cat's claws is not difficult, but mastering it when your cat is a kitten is the best time. At the very least, check your cat's claws and clip them if they grow too long.

Start slowly whenever you are about to clip your cat's claws. Handle your cat's paws often and lovingly to get him or her used to the feeling. Gradually begin to press lightly on your cat's tips to pop out the claws. Do this often before attempting to clip the claws.

You will need a good quality, well sharpened clipper that is designed specifically for cats and kittens. If you have to get dog clippers, get the smallest available ones. There are two basic styles of clippers. A two-bladed style that operates similar to a pair of scissors and the guillotine style. Most popular are the guillotine style clippers.

Before starting the clipping process, select a comfortable spot in your home that is well lit. It is essential for you to see well. Place your cat on your lap, facing away from you. Some people wrap cat's in a towel before clipping.

Hold the cat clippers in one hand. With the other hand, press your cat's paw between your thumb and forefinger until a claw pops out. Slip the clipper in to place. Be sure that your cut will be well ahead of the tiny, darker-colored pinkish vein that is called the quick. It is at the base of the claw. If you cut this area, it will bleed and your cat will feel a twinge of pain. Stop the bleeding with an antiseptic blood stopper.

With a bit of practice, you will complete the job so quickly that your cat will hardly notice. In most cases, you don't need to clip the claws on the rear paws. Your cat will trip these with his teeth and they are not nearly as sharp as the front claws.

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