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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bringing Home A New Kitten - Kitten Supplies

Maybe this is your first kitten ever or maybe you are a die-hard cat lover. Either way, reviewing what is needed when you bring your fluff of joy home doesn't hurt.

The REALLY standard, basic kitten supplies are listed here:
  1. Litter box and cat litter - pictured to the right is Swheat Scoop litter that is worth considering.

  2. Food and water bowls

  3. kitten food

  4. kitten toys

  5. Veterinarian name, number and referrels

  6. Patience! in introducing to other pets and children and ACCIDENTS.

Due diligence is necessary as you prepare your home for the new bundle of fur.

Find a good place for your litter box and place it there ahead of time. The litter box should be in a quiet area of your home.

It should not be in a laundry room or by a furnace. Cats like privacy, but they don't want constant noise and weird smells. The litter box should not be too tall for your new kitten. Kittens are amazingly agile .. but don't make it too hard for her to get in and out.

Start with a smaller, more basic litter pan. As your kitten gets older and bigger, you can move up to the larger size with more fancy pancy features. Most cat owners will swear by the ease of a clumping litter and will swear AT scented litter. With clumping cat litter, it is easy to scoop out the urine or feces and discard.

Words of Wisdom: Do not throw any cat litter in a toilet. It will form a block in your sewer system. Straight to the trash, my dear :)

Buy a set of ceramic bowls or stainless steel bowls cat bowls. Create a specific place to feed your cat. Cat's are different .. dogs love the center of the kitchen, cat's like a bit of privacy. Clean the food bowl once a day and fill the water bowl with fresh water everyday also. Checkout the new pet fountain's on the market to provide continual fresh water.

Buy kitten food and not cat food. Your veterinarian will explain more about your kitten's diet. Most vets will tell you to make sure your kitten food has a high ratio of protein.

Kittens and cats need toys that are safe. Always monitor your kitten while playing. Kitten love toys that they can chase.


Talk to other cat owners and listen to thier recommendations. A veterinary clinic that has multiple vets on staff MAY be the best choice. Find a clinic that has flexible hours.

Remember the kitten is the stranger in the house to your other pets and children. Let your other pets welcome the stranger at thier own pace. Monitor all interaction for a significant time period.

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