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Monday, August 3, 2009

Potty Train Your Puppy!

Housebreaking your puppy may be an irritating process at first, but a few tips and tricks will make the procedure faster and less frustrating.

Understand that a very young puppy has not developed bladder control and there WILL BE accidents. Having patience is essential, because in the first few weeks, effort is futile. If you plan to leave the house, expect a mess. Keep the puppy confined to a room covered with newspaper and/or absorbent puppy pads. Your puppy should relieve himself every few hours. The only sign before relieving himself will be sniffing the ground. Immediately place your dog in the designated area and let him urinate. Then, praise the dog for using the area. Never punish him or put his nose in the mess if he has soiled the floor or carpet. A disgusting mess is definitely trying, however disciplinary action is counterproductive and will undoubtedly scare the puppy.

Once the puppy reaches eight weeks old, you can then begin to train him outside. Frequently let him out, especially first thing in the morning and after meals. Choose a consistent spot, as previous odors will stimulate the puppy to urinate or defecate. Carry a pooper scooper with you because no one wants to step in your dog's mess and in many places cleaning up is the law.
To clean up indoor messes use an odor-eliminating disinfectant. Do not use common household cleaners that contain ammonia because these may remind the puppy of its own urine smell.

For more information read A New Owner's Guide to Training the Perfect Puppy. This informative book goes step by step through housebreaking and even more behavioral skills your puppy will need to learn.

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At April 9, 2011 at 8:57 PM , Blogger Annie said...

Make sure to use pads that are sticky on the bottom. That way your puppy can't chew or rip the puppy pads. Also, if you want him to pee on the pad, try soaking up some of his urine on a newspaper, and then place it on the pad. Puppies are more inclined to pee where they smell the scent.


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