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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Pet Blog in Town!

The Perfect Pet Blog may be perfect, but it's not the only Pet Blog in town!

We recently ran across a pet blog that looks promising from it's first couple of posts:

What constitutes a good pet blog?

  • Good writing, good spelling and good punctuation (need I say more?)

  • Real information. (cutting and pasting from pet manufacturers descriptions just doesn't cut it for anyone)

  • Definitions of terms (please .. even the pet industry uses alot of jargon that should be spelled out)

  • Timely articles (when it's flea season, let's talk about fleas .. but we don't want to hear about the latest heated bed in April)

  • Unbiased information (don't tell me EVERTHING is perfect ...just to sell me - tell me "like it is" .. I am a big girl)

  • Talk about a variety of pets (not everyone owns a poodle or a lab)

  • Clue me in on what's new (I want to hear all about 2009 - spare me the 2002)

We like what we see so far with GregRobert's Pet Blog and are waiting on all 4's to see if the promise is delivered!



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