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Saturday, October 24, 2009

GregRobert Pet Supplies Launches "Made in the USA" Pet Shop

GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies, a nationally recognized pet store announced today the launch of the "Made in the USA" pet store on it's corporate website: Products displayed in this section are manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Pet owners throughout America are becoming increasingly aware of issues arising from poor manufacturing facilities in some parts of the world. This concern coupled with a stagnant US economy has made American Made pet products more appealing to consumers. Recent news articles regarding pet food manufacturing facilities and contaminated pet medications are fueling some of the concern.

GregRobert pet supplies has responded to this national need by researching the manufacturing origin of the pet products that they carry. By grouping pet products manufactured on American soil in a special section on their website dubbed the "Made in the USA Pet Store", they have made it easy to find US made pet products in one area.

The Made in the USA Pet Store at GregRobert is sectioned off into multiple categories including popular pet products like:

GregRobert Enterprises' spokesperson, Michelle Miller stated with no uncertainty: "No political statement is intended with the launch of our new Made in the USA store. Americans must make individual choices as to whether they purchase pet products made exclusively in the United States." Adding, "GregRobert is simply responding to a consumer need in the pet
industry with our new USA store".

Many US citizens believe that Americans should buy USA made products. Once Americans start buying more American goods the demand for them will increase. As a result of the rising demand, more factories or plants will be developed. More good job opportunities will result from the movement.

Visit the "Made in the USA Pet Shop" at

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