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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fabulous Gear For Car Trips With Your Pet at GregRobert

The state of the economy is keeping vacationers a little closer to home during winter breaks and spring breaks.
GregRobert ( ) has a line up of great car travel gear that makes it easy to take your beloved pet along with you.

Now those day trips and long weekends can be more like a real vacation. Taking your pet along makes these trips feel a lot more like little vacations. And less like a trade-off for a real winter get away. Innovative pet products available at - designed for safety, portability and keeping the car tidy - make a car vacations with your dog or cat a breeze.

"Start by choosing a proper restraint or enclosure system, based on the size of your dog and the kind of car you drive," says Michelle Miller of GregRobert. "It will keep your pet secure and safe, but also prevents the frenzy of a leaping pet - upturning beverages, and sending fast food all over the place".Starting with safety in mind, there are a number of ways to outfit your vehicle, and your pet, affordably.
The GregRobert annual blowout sale will help you save a bundle as you get ready for your getaway. Everything you need is in one convenient place on the GregRobert Pet Travel Supplies section of the website.

Here are just a few of the newest and most convenient pet products for getting your pet off your lap and into a proper travel position:
  • Pet Vehicle Safety Harness
    Buckle up for safety. With just two simple clicks, your dog - even the heftiest hounds - is secure and ready to roll (or stay put)

  • Urban Adventure Backpack
    Provides an excellent way to travel around town or on the trail! This easy-on/easy-off design is loaded with custom features to meet you and your pets needs.

  • Bench Seat Cover
    Smart and basic lounging protection for the back seat. Constructed from SOLViTEX fabric: a heavy, cotton twill that is soft to the touch, yet wears like iron.

  • Automobile Back Seat Hammock for Pets
    The ultimate. Ensconces your dog in comfort and doubles as a barrier to keep jumping Jack Russell from bounding into the front seat.

  • Net Pet Barrier for Dogs
    Easy to install universal design fits most cars. Protects your dog from sudden stops and allows you to focus on driving, not constantly relocating your dog back into the back seat.

  • Deluxe Telescoping Ramp for Pets
    Provides easy access to SUVs, pickup trucks and other lofty places. Easy to carry, supports up to 400 pounds, extends from 40 inches to 68 inches. Foldable for easy storage.

  • Portable Travel Pet for PetsAn airy lightweight palace. Dogs feel safe and comfortable. Perfect for sleeping, too, when you get where you are going.

  • No spill porta-bowl
    Thanks to this ingenious balanced water bowl, your pup stays hydrated too. Happily slurping without the slopping.

Shopping at GregRobert is convenient and a fun experience. GregRobert was recently bestowed the highest consumer usability and safety ratings from the Safe Shopping Network. You will find everything from tooth brushes to towels, and from collars to crates. If it is smart and stylish, it is at GregRobert Pet Supplies.

Beyond, just a shopping site, GregRobert is the ultimate resource for you and your pet. The "pet travel section" contains articles, videos, tips and more about taking your pet on the road. About GregRobertGregRobert began as the dream of Ray and Mary Joyce to provide a wonderful online shop to purchase supplies for pets at a low cost.

Convenience and helpful to the budget were the core motivations to start the store. Since 2000, GregRobert has grown to a well established online retail enterprise with multiple stores. Still family owned, they employee US workers for all aspects of the business.

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