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Friday, October 30, 2009

Hamster Heaven

Zhu Zhu pet hamster "Chunk" by Cepia
Photo ©2009 by Carol Kalvelage

The Critter Trail Discovery Habitat by Super Pet is a hamster house that will make a hamster think it has died and gone to hamster heaven! Available at GregRobert Quality Pet Supplies, this colorful habitat has tunnels, wheels, and other accessories that provide twists and turns galore to keep any hamster, or other small pet, exercised and entertained.

GregRobert Quality Pet Supplies features an extensive line of large and small pet products that are unique and very reasonably priced. The Critter Trail Discovery Habitat by Super Pet is one example of a fun, all-in-one home and carrier that is perfect for a little pet. This cute and colorful habitat has a petting zone for easy access to your pet and detaches for use as a pet carrier.

The Critter Trail Discovery Habitat is made of transparent plastic, so the small pet will be visible at all times. Very easy to clean and maintain, the Discovery Habitat features a water bottle and fun exercise wheel. An over-sized door is also attached to the habitat and provides ideal access for the pet.

This handy habitat arrives fully assembled and is designed for use with the Critter Trail Fun-nels. The only thing required is a small pet. The Zhu Zhu pet hamster is a plush, interactive toy that has a sensor in its nose and moves around by the touch of thae hand. The Zhu Zhu is available separately at selected retailers. Visit the zhu zhu pet website at

GregRobert Quality Pet Supplies also carries a complete line of Super Pet Critter Universe products that will have your hamster, or other small pet, think it's in small pet heaven. Please visit for more information about the Super Pet small pet and hamster product line.

For more information about the zhu zhu pet hamster, please visit

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

GregRobert Pet Supplies Launches "Made in the USA" Pet Shop

GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies, a nationally recognized pet store announced today the launch of the "Made in the USA" pet store on it's corporate website: Products displayed in this section are manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Pet owners throughout America are becoming increasingly aware of issues arising from poor manufacturing facilities in some parts of the world. This concern coupled with a stagnant US economy has made American Made pet products more appealing to consumers. Recent news articles regarding pet food manufacturing facilities and contaminated pet medications are fueling some of the concern.

GregRobert pet supplies has responded to this national need by researching the manufacturing origin of the pet products that they carry. By grouping pet products manufactured on American soil in a special section on their website dubbed the "Made in the USA Pet Store", they have made it easy to find US made pet products in one area.

The Made in the USA Pet Store at GregRobert is sectioned off into multiple categories including popular pet products like:

GregRobert Enterprises' spokesperson, Michelle Miller stated with no uncertainty: "No political statement is intended with the launch of our new Made in the USA store. Americans must make individual choices as to whether they purchase pet products made exclusively in the United States." Adding, "GregRobert is simply responding to a consumer need in the pet
industry with our new USA store".

Many US citizens believe that Americans should buy USA made products. Once Americans start buying more American goods the demand for them will increase. As a result of the rising demand, more factories or plants will be developed. More good job opportunities will result from the movement.

Visit the "Made in the USA Pet Shop" at

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top 5 Ranked Pet Supply Stores - Drumroll

Woman's Day magazine recently released an article about the top 5 online pet stores and... (also know as ) was named in the top five!
When a person shops online for pet supplies, there are a number of things that they look for beyond the lowest prices. The first thing is trust. There are alot of fly-by-night pet stores online. They don't know alot about retailing and they don't know alot about pets. Shop at a store that has been in business for awhile and that has real people helping customers. Gone are the days that someone opens a drop-ship store online, works a day job and makes a bundle.

Customers expect customer service and GregRobert offers trust and customer service that is surpassed by none.

Why would you purchase a product from a store that has "image coming" as the photo describing the product? Shop at a store that shows the product clearly and stands by it.

The article also mentioned the abundance of coupons available for purchases. GregRobert's latest coupon is $10 off all orders of $100 or more: earlyoct

At GregRobert, you can double dip, using the coupon with the quantity discounts available 4th quarter. (Web sales only, please)

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