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Friday, November 27, 2009

Household Checklist to prepare for the Holidays

A Checklist of Products you might not be able to Live Without this Holiday Season

Here is a quick list to make sure you have on hand as we enter the holiday season. If you haven't gotten your Christmas Tree Stand, make sure you have one that is working properly. (don't want that tree to tip this winter).

  • Duct Tape Duct tape is a necessity all-year round - but we believe it has added benefits during the holidays (and not just for the quick-gift-wrap routine)

  • Cobweb Eliminator - What can we say, the in-laws may be stopping by. Get rid of the cobwebs!

  • Super Iron Out - Super Iron Out cleans toilets, sinks, tubs, dishwashers, exterior surfaces and more. This is a must if you have hard water.

  • Multi-purpose large chore bucket. Lessens the trips up and down the stairs carrying food for entertaining, Christmas decorations and other little tidbits.

  • Extension Cord - Everything is lit up this time of year - stock up on some extension cords.

  • Batteries - Even if you don't have kids, stocking up on some batteries can save alot of grief and last-minute runs to the store.

  • Dust Pan - It's gonna get dirty in there - and someone's gotta' clean it.

  • Anteater / Ant Eliminator - Don't subject your holiday guests to a flood of ants.

  • Dry Skin Creme - We like Udder Delight (cause if it works when you are milking cows everyday, it's GOT TO work for hands dried by dishwashing water.
Save on shipping with coupon: freeship .... and if you stock up (over $100) you can save $10 more with Google Checkout!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Triple Dip Savings at GregRobert Pet Supplies

Countdown to Black Friday and Cyber Monday brings a ton of good and not-so-good coupons, savings and discounts.

Many online stores are offering free shipping, quantity discounts or percent-off discounts – but none that we know of are offering all three types of discounts on one order except for GregRobert Pet Supplies.

The one-of-a-kind Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal combination is called Triple Dip / Free Ship. The Triple-dip savings at GregRobert is valid until December 17th, 2009.

GregRobert Pet Supplies is making holiday shopping a bit more palatable by helping online shoppers save time and money and feel secure.

The Triple DIP, Free Ship deals are as follows:

  1. Quantity discounts on every single product. Buy 2 and save, Buy 5 and save even more, buy 10 and save a bundle.

  2. Free shipping on orders >$60 with coupon: freeship (weight restrictions may apply) – but EVERY order >$60 you can save with the coupon.

  3. Finally, all orders >$100, save $10 with Google Checkout.

Triple dip / Free Ship with coupon code: freeship. It may seem complicated but all you have to remember is stock up (orders > $100 qualify for all 3 parts of the deal) - use coupon: freeship and use Google Checkout at

Great holiday gift ideas and over 20,000 brand name pet products, garden, home and farm products.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wheel In the sky.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crate train your puppy with Petmate Kennels & Crates

Video ©2009 by Carol Kalvelage

To Crate or not to crate......?- that seems to be the question. If crate training is in the cards for you and your pet, GregRobert Quality Pet Supplies is sure to have the proper pet porter that will provide a perfect fit for Fido.

As we enter the holiday season, many pet owners need to board their dogs or cats when they travel. With proper training at an early age, pets will get used to being transported in kennels, and will even learn to love their new home. If hiring a pet sitter to come to the house, a crate is an ideal place to keep your pet for short intervals while they are home alone.

Any dog or cat who gets used to it's own crate will truly feel safe and enjoy having a space of their own. This is especially true if your hosting holiday festivities at your home. Holiday parties can become too loud or distracting (for pets too!). When home crating, a Petmate Kennel can be moved into any room to help keep pets calm in all atmospheres. Crating a pet can come in handy, especially if a pet is not used to children. If there are little ones roaming through the home, a pet can be safe in it's crate from grabbing, poking or prodding.

Pet crates come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials suitable for all breeds, from small to extra large. The Vari-Kennels are extremely easy to use and to clean. The Petmate Pet Porter featured in the video has been in my family for over 15 years . As shown in the video, our new puppy, Sammy, has no trepidation about going into his crate. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow if crate training is something of interest to you:

  • Do not leave pets in a crate for extended amounts of time, every day. A 3-4 hour time frame is suggested as a sufficient amount of time for pets to be in its crate. If working long hours, or going out of town, it is advisable to ask someone to let your dog or cat out for a time before putting back into the crate.
  • When crate training a puppy, use the crate as a treat, not as a threat. Dogs can sense if something is being used as a consequence. Use the same phrase such as "cage time", "crate time", "bed time" or any other short command that a pet can connect with the command to go in the crate.
  • Early on, a treat can be used after the dog enters it's crate. Make sure that the treat is safe for your dog, and is eaten prior to you leaving. Never leave a treat in the crate that can splinter, crack or break into small pieces after you leave.
  • Dogs love to keep a favorite or a few favorite toys in their crate. Especially dogs that need to chew, such as Sammy the Samoyed. Dogs who chew do much better in an all enclosed pet porter, as opposed to a wire cage because they cannot chew through the porter material. With a wire cage, a dog who chews can chew through the wire squares and ruin a carpet or flooring that is underneath.
  • Make sure that the dog has plenty of room and can sit, stand, and turn fully around in a circle in the crate. It is better to have a little larger crate than a small one. This is especially true if your pet likes a dog bed, lot of toys or a blanket in the crate.

At GregRobert Quality Pet Supplies, Vari-Kennels are a plenty. The highly rated on-line retailer carries an extensive line of pet crates, pet beds, accessories and any other pet item that is needed to keep your pet happy and healthy this holiday season. Right now, GregRobert Quality Pet Supplies is featuring free shipping on orders > $60.00. Use coupon: freeship Please visit for more information.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter Bird Feeding - Suet, Seed or Peanuts

During the spring and summer, the diet of many songbirds and other birds is mainly of insects and spiders. These tiny creepy, crawly creatures are highly nutritious, abundant, and, for the most part, easily captured by the birds.

During fall and winter, however, nonmigratory birds must shift their diets to fruits and seeds to survive. This is the time of year when a winter bird-feeding enthusiast should roll get ready to lend a hand The question is, what to serve the little feathery visitors?

Wild Bird Stores (online and offline) are stocked; with bags, buckets, and cakes of many bird food types. It can be a bit confusing. One way to attracting a diversity of bird species is to provide a variety of food types, but that doesn’t mean you need to purchase one of everything in the store.

Different birds prefer different types of seeds, but the seeds that attract the greatest number of species are black-oil sunflower. These seeds have a high meat-to-shell ratio, they are nutritious and high in fat, and their small size and thin shells make them easy for small birds to handle and crack. (Striped sunflower seeds are larger and have a thicker seed coat.)
Black Oil sunflower seeds are a high-energy food and is a favorite of the majority of birds that visit feeders. Dried, whole-kernel corn, a favorite food for jays, pigeons and doves, quail, and pheasants is probably the least expensive of all bird seeds.

Cracked corn, however, is easier to eat for blackbirds, finches, and sparrows.

“Millet” comes in red and white varieties, but most birds prefer white proso millet over red. “Nyjer,” or thistle seed, is a delicacy for small finches such as goldfinches, siskins, and redpolls.

Because nyjer seeds are small and expensive, it’s best to offer them in a special nyjer feeder, whichhas tiny ports that prevent the seeds from spilling out. Safflower is another seed that many birds like – most notably, cardinals.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Double Dip / Free Ship at GregRobert Pet Supplies

November 8, 2009

GregRobert Pet Supplies has rolled out their best Free Shipping deal of the year and the combination of low prices, free shipping and quantity discounts should be a triple-dip - not just a double dip.

Visitors to the popular online pet store can use coupon: freeship during the checkout process to ship holiday products and everyday pet supplies directly to their home for free. Most other pet stores are offering free shipping above $100 - but GregRobert is offering free shipping on all orders > $60. There are no exceptions, but there are weight restrictions that apply.

The nice part is that even if you run into a weight restriction, they will STILL give you a substantial discount on your shipping.

We've made it easy for you and have pre-scoured through the tens of thousands of pet products that GregRobert carries and placed them on theme pages on our website for your convenience. Click a link above for more product details.

Before hopping in the car to wander endlessly through strip malls and department stores - be sure to visit or or to choose from over 20,000 products that can be shipped to you for free and at a significant discount off of retail pricing.

Interested in a part-time income selling pet supplies? Take a peek at the support that GregRobert offers affiliates: Please feel free to learn more about the affiliate program to make an extra dime this Christmas and throughout the next year: Pet Store Affiliate Program

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