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Friday, September 25, 2009

GregRobert Pet Supplies Gives back to the Community

GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies donates heated cat beds to Wishbones for Pets Charity Drive.

After reading about the stress on local animal shelters that the economy has caused, pet business owner Ray Joyce took the problem into his own hands. On behalf of his pet store, GregRobert Pet Supplies, he took the initiative and donated heated cat beds to the Wishbones for Pets Charity Drive.

Home Alone Critter Care of Walled Lake Michigan, a representative company for Wishbones, accepted the cat beds graciously. The official Wishbones for Pets drive starts in a couple of weeks and runs until the week after Thanksgiving. The heated cat beds are especially beneficial for cats with arthritis or other health issues. Many cats wind up in shelters after a period of neglect. In many cases, they are very hungry or sick. Warm beds are not only used in the winter - but can be used all year round.

Ray Joyce, owner of GregRobert Pet Supplies stated, "During the months of September and October, we run our annual heated bed sale. This year we were able to donate some of our stock to this deserving charity. We consider ourselves fortunate."

About Wishbones for Pets
The mission of Wishbones for Pets is to offer a universal community service program hosted by pet sitters that would like to collect and distribute pet goods/funds for local pet shelters and other pet related agencies in their own community. Pet sitters care about their local community, the pet sitting industry and most importantly the animals.

Contact a pet sitting service in your area to see if they are offering the program or make a donation to the shelter of your choice.

About GregRobert Discount Pet Supplies
GregRobert was established in 2002 by pet lovers and has grown to a nationally recognized pet supply store with low prices, excellent customer service and fast shipping. Carrying close to 20,000 products they cater to the cost-conscious pet owner. From dog supplies to hamster supplies to horse supplies they have a wide selection of brand name products.

Currently, GregRobert is offering a $4.00 discount on all heated pet beds by K and H Manufacturing. Use coupon code: grheat


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

GregRobert Pet Supplies Affiliate Program Launches in ShareASale

GregRobert Pet Supplies, an established leader in the pet supply vertical announced the launch of its affiliate program that will reward online communities, website publishers, bloggers and pet enthusiasts with commissions starting at 7% for promoting GregRobert products on their websites.

Managed by ShareaSale, a provider of advanced affiliate marketing solutions, GregRobert has already expanded its online presence to a growing network of websites, allowing affiliates to participate in GregRobert’s success by receiving commissions resulting from GregRobert store purchases made by visitor click-thrus.

“We look forward to rewarding our affiliates by creating an avenue to increase profits from their websites,” said GregRobert CEO and founder Ray Joyce. “A strong affiliate program not only opens up a revenue stream for pet enthusiasts, but also provides opportunities for website publishers to offer pet owner’s access to GregRobert’s expansive pet care library.”

Social networking, price comparison engines, coupon websites and community websites with user forums will particularly benefit from the opportunities for revenue that GregRobert’s new affiliate program enables. The affiliate program will help extend the referral power that has made GregRobert an steadily growing pet supply store.

Registered sites link to both GregRobert’s home page and the GregRobert store, where customers can purchase GregRobert’s premium pet products from the affiliate website. The referral period credits publishers for all purchases made from return visits to the GregRobert Store for up to 60 days after the original click. The program, which has been in a test mode for the past two weeks, has generated a slew of affiliates and proven demand for GregRobert participation across the US Internet community, as well as foreign publishers targeting the US market.

“With such considerable benefits for all parties, the GregRobert affiliate program has incredible growth potential and is already developing at a fantastic rate,” said Michelle Miller, GregRobert’s Chief Operating Officer. “Websites of all sizes are able to attract new clientele as well as sustain visitor loyalty by enhancing their customers' online experience with the GregRobert brand name.”

As one of the most reputable affiliate networks in the world, ShareASale acts as a trusted third party between advertisers and publishers - serving, tracking, reporting and paying on affiliate campaigns.

Websites interested in signing up for the GregRobert affiliate program can join at no cost by visiting Pet Supply Affiliate Program

Media Contact: Mary Joyce

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chillin' with Chinchillas

Check out this awesome Chinchilla Chiller by Super Pet

Sept. 17-2009

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been mesmerized by any animal that is big, soft and fuzzy. Recently, I was formally introduced to the Chinchilla at my local library. The library had an 'exotic animal" handler and he brought in several exotic animals for the kids to see and touch.

Now, I am not a "rodent" person by any means, which made me a bit skeptical as the animal handler explained that the Chinchilla is a "rodent". But, when this little guy was passed around to be touched, I was immediately hooked. This so-called "rodent" was by far the softest, fuzziest animal I have ever touched. I had to have one--immediately.

In fact, I fell so in love with that little guy that I almost stuffed him in my pocket and took him home. But there was a rather large crowd and everyone was watching. I reluctantly passed him back to the handler and began obsessing about where to get my next pet.

Although I am an impulsive, obsessive pet person, I have learned over the years to do considerable research on animals before purchasing one. Especially when the animal is an"exotic" . I decided to go on a Chinchilla fact finding mission to see if this animal would be a good fit for our family. Here are a few interesting things that I've learned along the way, along with my thoughts (in red italics):
  • Chinchilla fur is about 30 times softer than human hair, and is considered to be the softest fur in the world. ("knew it.....have to have it"--bonus)
  • Chinchilla's have the highest fur density of any land animal- their coats are so thick that even fleas can't live on them. ("no fleas, - excellent. another bonus".)
  • The name Chinchilla comes from a South American Indian tribe and means Little Chinta. ("I love Native American history- the name is cute- even if it is a little creature" hmmm.. let's try to find a bigger one..)

  • Chinchillas bathe in dust. Water can't touch their fur. They roll around in a dust bath to keep themselves clean and furry. ("dust bath- awesome- don't even have to get them wet. What happens if it gets out and goes into the bathtub? hmmm....not a bonus)
  • Chinchillas weigh between one and two pounds ("my dog could eat it for breakfast. Harry weighs in at 75 and is very jealous....not good")
  • Chinchillas are nocturnal and they can live to be 10-20 years old. ("Can I realistically handle 10-20 years of staying up all night, entertaining an animal? no....not a bonus.")
  • Chinchillas are considered rodents ("call it what you want, a rat is a rat......not a bonus")

After researching the facts on buying a Chinchilla, I looked around at all the amazing pet products that are available specifically for this engaging little creature. The Chinchilla chiller rodent pad was one of my favorites. I read that the Chinchilla prefers temps under 75 degrees, so this Chiller would be the perfect accessory for a furry friend.

Some other appealing products like the Chinchilla Dry Dust Bath, the Honey Treat Stick and the Bath House were all perfect for this little pet. I was amazed at how much stuff a Chinchilla could want or need.

After careful consideration of what it realistically would take to keep a happy, healthy Chinchilla in my house, I decided that it wasn't a good option right now. Actually, my husband said you want a "what?"- I think he thought I said a kangaroo or a Koala Bear. Needless to say, I will not be chillin' with any Chinchillas at home anytime soon. I'll just keep on attending exotic animal shows to get my quick furry fix and be on my way.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A New Pet Blog in Town!

The Perfect Pet Blog may be perfect, but it's not the only Pet Blog in town!

We recently ran across a pet blog that looks promising from it's first couple of posts:

What constitutes a good pet blog?

  • Good writing, good spelling and good punctuation (need I say more?)

  • Real information. (cutting and pasting from pet manufacturers descriptions just doesn't cut it for anyone)

  • Definitions of terms (please .. even the pet industry uses alot of jargon that should be spelled out)

  • Timely articles (when it's flea season, let's talk about fleas .. but we don't want to hear about the latest heated bed in April)

  • Unbiased information (don't tell me EVERTHING is perfect ...just to sell me - tell me "like it is" .. I am a big girl)

  • Talk about a variety of pets (not everyone owns a poodle or a lab)

  • Clue me in on what's new (I want to hear all about 2009 - spare me the 2002)

We like what we see so far with GregRobert's Pet Blog and are waiting on all 4's to see if the promise is delivered!